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KJ and Lou make up All Terrain Endurance.

KJ grew up swimming, playing basketball, riding her bike, and hiking through Briones Regional Park from her neighborhood in the San Francisco East Bay. After swimming only during her summers, she was recruited to swim for Tufts University in Massachusetts. As the team's backstroker, she broke the school record in the 50 backstroke her freshman year and still holds top-10 time performances. It was during those summers spent with her "rec" team that she discovered her love for coaching, as a member of the coaching staff and ultimately the head coach of a youth swim team. After trying her first triathlon, she knew the sport was a missing link and jumped in to the deep end. 

Lou spent his early years a feral child, exploring the woods, streams, fields, and mountains around his childhood home in rural New Jersey. Since those days he has lived in eight different states and traveled to all but five of the United States. He first picked up a camera to document his travels while living on Oahu, Hawaii, using a simple point-and-shoot camera to document hikes. It wasn't long after that the he decided to buy a waterproof housing, venture out into the waves and start to photograph surfers. The magical experience of capturing an athlete at that magical moment when they are totally in the moment, totally focused, wholly wrapped up in an experience and executing became an obsession. From surfers to fire dancers, rock climbers to hang gliders, snow boarders to triathletes, if you're passionate about your sport, he wants to capture you in action!

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